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Get the latest from Mystic Meg and her daily Horoscope predictions. Find out FIND out your horoscopes for Wednesday October 9 from Mystic Meg. Fabulous . September A love match could prove stronger than either of you expected .

You take your sweet time to help others but will also reserve some for yourself. There will be moments in life when you will be branded as selfish but also applauded for setting your priorities straight. Prepare to read a special personality report below. The zodiac sign for October 22 is Libra. Astrological symbol: Scales. The sign of the Scales influences people born between September 23 and October 22, when in tropical astrology the Sun is considered to be in Libra.

It refers to balance, knowledge but also permanent duality.

The Libra Constellation is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac, with no first magnitude stars. It is quite small covering an area of only square degrees.

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The Latin name for the Scales, the October 22 zodiac sign is Libra. The Spanish name it Libra while the Greeks call it Zichos. Opposite sign: Aries. This is the sign directly across the zodiac circle from the Libra zodiac sign. It suggests sincerity and temper and these two are considered to make great partnerships. Modality: Cardinal. This means how much enthusiasm and creativity exists in the lives of those born on October 22 and how hard working they are in general.

Ruling house: The seventh house. This house rules over partnerships, independent of nature. This explains the importance that each Libra takes in being in the company of only people whom can offer enough support for their true accomplishment.

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Ruling body: Venus. This celestial planet symbolizes understanding and effectiveness. Venus is considered the yin side while Mars is the yang side. Venus is also suggestive for the ambition component of these personalities. Element: Air. This element suggests the reality of what is around the individual born under the October 22 zodiac sign and influences him or her to be more aware and involved.

Mixed with the element earth, air seems to suffocate or incorporate in it. Lucky day: Wednesday. As many consider Wednesdays as the most beneficial day of the week, it identifies with the sincere nature of Libra and the fact this day is ruled by Mercury only strengthens this connection. People born on October 22 loved to be cared for and they reciprocate all the affection they get. They are selfless and balanced, often perceived as graceful and outspoken although at times they are also quite detached and isolated, preferring peaceful places. They have a attentive and tranquil nature and they try to avoid any kind of distraction in their lives as much as they avoid having to deal with commonness and lack of seriousness.

Positive traits: These natives are charming and seem to be optimistic all the time. This is because they know when to work hard and when to relax. Libra people are usually pleasant and innovative.

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Not only they find the right solution in no time, but it is also the solution that takes in consideration everyone involved. Those born under this sign also have a domestic and incredibly modest nature. Negative traits: Learning to chill and stop over thinking is one thing Libra needs to do. The have to understand that worrying only makes things worse and a sober mind is sure to get the right explanations.

Those born on this day are born nit-pickers and this can destroy their self esteem, unless they fall on the other side and become boastful and sarcastic.

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They are sometimes superficial and egotistic despite their fame of being the most helpful and accepting people. They also have their moments of being fastidious and supervising. When directed positively, their golden aura, or inner strength, can finally manifest itself as healing or creative ability, as well as the urge to help create a fairer world.

People will often find themselves drawn to the magnetic, entertaining and warm presence of people born on October 22 Zodiac and, with their powerful emotions, they will often experience intense attractions to others. Commitment could be a problem, but long-term happiness is likely with someone who is willing to give them plenty of freedom as well as plenty of support. Image matters a lot for people born on this day, and they may spend a great deal of time worrying about the way they look. Fortunately, weight issues do not tend to be a problem for them, but this does not mean they should skimp on healthy eating and exercise.

Quite the opposite; to ensure that their skin glows and their hair is glossy and rich, they need to make sure that they cut down on saturated fat, alcohol and processed or refined foods, eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutrients. They should also get plenty of fresh air and exercise, preferably on a daily basis.

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Drinking a glass of lemon juice each morning will stimulate their digestion and encourage their bodies to expel toxins. Toning exercises will help give their body shape and definition, and stretching routines will help them become more flexible in both mind and body.

Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color purple will encourage them to think of higher things. With their powerful sense of justice, these people tend to thrive in careers in law, but being multi-talented and creative they can thrive in any career they choose, whether it be art, interior design, writing, music, acting, diplomacy, charity work, fundraising, engineering, politics, or humanitarian work. The life path of people born on this day is to use their seductive powers wisely and positively.

Interest in study, travel, research, distance communication, and news from afar is possible. It is worth responding to an offer or request. Is it possible to determine the fate and character of a person by date of birth? Yes, science astrology allows us to do this. The nature and habits of a person directly depend on the date of his birth.

Someone is born stubborn, and someone is shy. One extreme and parachute jumps, while others prefer a quiet and safe home. We are all different! And each person is unique in his own way. Aries fire — bright and burning, hot and passionate. Planet Aries — warlike Mars. Taurus belongs to the elements of the Earth, which gives practicality, patience, responsibility, reliability and a craving for nature.

The planet of Taurus is a charming and elegant Venus. Gemini Element — Air. He brings vividness, sociability, intelligence, lightness, charm and the ability to have fun to the character. Gemini Planet — Mercury, messenger of the gods. The element of Cancer is Water, which gives it sensitivity, sensitivity, emotionality and good intuition.

Libra Symbol, Planet, Element, and Quality

The planet that protects Cancer is the caring Moon. The leo zodiac belongs to the elements of Fire — it is brightness, creative power, inspiration and an abundance of talents. The Planet of the Lion is the shining Sun. Virgo is under the auspices of the elements of the Earth — this is realism, a critical mind, a craving for the earth and everyday savvy. The planet that protects Virgo is the intellectual Mercury. The element of Libra is Air, which gives lightness, sociability, good-natured disposition and a moving mind.

The planet that controls Libra is the sophisticated and sophisticated Venus. Scorpio is protected by the element of Water.