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Get the latest from Mystic Meg and her daily Horoscope predictions. Find out FIND out your horoscopes for Wednesday October 9 from Mystic Meg. Fabulous . September A love match could prove stronger than either of you expected .

Early July and early August play host to a happening that keeps on happening! Every month the Moon, your esteemed ruler, crosses the face of Pluto the lord of transformation and is now resident in the love and open relationships sector of your solar chart. Can you do that? Of course you can, Cancer, with love, peace and understanding — as long as you get your piece understood and loved at the end of it! But first get someone in your sights. So stop dithering and get out there. Around July 22 you may have a roast potato or three left over and a little space at the table as dynamics change.

When they were babies they were so much easier to manage. With Uranus going into reverse you may feel a little behind when it comes to who fancies you and just how you really feel about that.

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And you with that fabulous new hairdo! What better excuse to get someone round for a party with your mates — then ask them to give you a hand with the washing-up? Life and love in particular is what you make of it. Attached Leos have a date to watch — August 5. Probably not so just smile and nod. Kids of college age are changeable at the moment with strong ideas about their future one minute and confusion the next.

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The trick is to be there, or at least look as if you are! You may be concerned with bigger things from July 31 and into August as a female changes the family dynamic with actions that are emotionally-led rather than logical. She too may need to get things in balance by going slightly off balance for a while and your role is to remind her of just how stable her foundations are. A new Moon in your own sign on August 20 brings happiness and joy — maybe even a new baby.

Can you rewind the clock, can you put the toothpaste back into the tube or are some things just never meant to be corrected? The ones you really remember are those who have a little imperfection, the thing that makes them stand out. And July 22 is a reminder of just how popular you are and what you can do when you make the effort. With your love ruler Neptune in reverse you spot a duff offer on the love front when you see it.

Say so. Changes coming their way are all part of the natural cycle of life but disruptive nonetheless. Those we hold dear can also affect our home lives and these honorary family members are having some career changes as August moves in. And for attached Librans why not surprise your other half with a little romantic break?

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The first week of July kick-starts some changes on the domestic front that have you wondering what the new rules really are! You could also be attempting to tidy up past issues with a parent or children. And a change of direction could be just what you needed. Attached Scorpios may find the adjustment is about taking time to build new memories with your other half, rather than wearing out the old ones. Single Scorpios are finding romance at the gym or that language class you wanted to do to broaden your horizons… now it seems clear you have a thing for Italian, French, Spanish!

Good for you, what better way to learn another language than through the universal language of love? Venus is on the move early on and encouraging you to dig deep into the emotional pool.

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In August those single Scorpios who struck out at the gym get lucky in the boardroom as power is the new aphrodisiac. Kids are being kids with teenagers being particularly awkward this summer. No change there you may say but think again, Scorps — think back to when you were a teenager and double it.

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Your love ruler Mercury is whipping through the signs this summer and as he does so he changes his T-shirt. With both planets involved in your family life going backwards you might wonder why you bother trying to get them all to agree and to fit in with each other? You do it because you want the stability in your home and family that everyone else seems to have. Life is often built on illusion, Sagittarius, and seeing ourselves as others see us is a real eye-opener.

Career options are having a massive effect on your family with the beginning of August in particular a time when you may need to call on their support. You will not miss it. On July 22 a new moon shows just how well you have done and single Capricorns get a friendly smile that could go a very long way towards something more than making you feel warm and cuddly inside.

David wells june horoscopes

Talking and listening are the new aphrodisiacs and so much cheaper than oysters, serve frequently and enjoy the results. August puts lovely Venus in the love sector of your chart which is like getting the eye from the tour rep on an s holiday without the need to shove jelly down your knickers. Then again Your working life is also impacting heavily on family and to be fair you need their support with some new offers that could come your way. Put your case and by the end of August you have it all solved and can relax into a new role.

Are you ready to rumble? But in that confusion there are likely to be opportunities. In other words you trip up, but Dr Gorgeous catches you. Time to get out and about, show them off and have fun. Rivera insists that all They tackle him, game after game, year after year, on grass and turf, in coldness and heat, in sickness and in health. Anaheim, which made a remarkable role reversal from desperate pursuer to jugular-seeking hunter, will send Jarrod Washburn The Yankees This energized bunch of Angels has so much juice they have even roused this normally sedate, baseball-disinterested populace.

A record Edison Field crowd The hunter may have claimed two more victims.

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Investigators, fearing the mystery sniper has expanded his killing field, are checking for links between his five Wednesday-night and Thursday-morning hits in A college student believed to be the arsonist behind a series of bathroom fires at La Guardia Community College was arrested yesterday in a sting operation by campus security. ALBANY — Records released yesterday revealed more instances of Carl McCall writing letters to help get people jobs — just two days after the campaign claimed it had made all Police linked a sixth death yesterday to the coldblooded sniper killings of five Maryland residents — while the manhunt continued for the psycho marksman and an accomplice.

Police said they The city is closing lower Broadway next week for a fake ticker-tape parade — and inviting all New Yorkers to join in — as part of an elaborate video presentation Pascal Charlot, killed Thursday night as he It is great for you, bad for Anyone who cares about pinstripes knew the Central High School in , the Yankees were hot to draft him in the first round. However, they heard Yesterday afternoon, the Met hitting coach became the first Kenyon Martin can play small forward or power forward. Same with Rodney Rogers, but throw in some center, too. Kerry Kittles and Lucious Harris are off-guards who play point in Taking advantage of it, however, will be expensive.

When Tommy Albelin — MAYOR Bloomberg took time from a busy schedule to travel to a remote corner of The Bronx on a stormy night last week to join a fund-raiser for state Sen Nothing short of steel bars can stand between a mobbed-up baker and his taste for bread crumbs. A federal judge yanked bail for Mario Fortunato — owner of the locally A turtle! October 5, am.

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And this week and next is peak season. Here are some pick-your-own farms within easy driving distance Move over, Partridges — here come the Trachtenburgs.