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Astrology for the Soul April 4, 2019

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Share this event:. It is a source of deep understanding, truth, and healing.

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Each participant will in advance send us details of your place and time of birth to prepare your astrological birth chart. Your astrological birthchart is a virtual blueprint of your soul describing why you are here. This weekend will assist you to manifest that potential. Kaypacha will use astrology, kundalini yoga, breathwork and meditation to help you shine fresh understanding on past wounds and more fully embrace yourself to create your life in a more empowered, conscious way. You will come away with insightful astrological tools to know yourself on deeper levels, and with new awareness to enhance your life.

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Past life patterns will be revealed that have set the stage for this life's soul intention including childhood, relationship, vocation, financial, and future experiences. We will discuss and physically experience the energy of the 12 zodiacal archetypes, and explore the meaning of them, the planets, and houses of your personal horoscope. Using your own birth chart, and example charts of others, we will demonstrate how astrology can be used as a healing tool and for guidance in important decision making processes.

Friday Evening 7 - pm - The Astrology of and Beyond: This introductory talk will set the foundation for the weekend by describing the current astrological patterns. When I find my mind going into overdrive I tend to lose sight of my path, instead making way for doubt to find its way in, but this concept is freeing.

If I am to birth a new identity, So much greater than before, And fully expand and express myself, I must Be, See, and Deal with more and more and more. To get a custom astrological t-shirt or any of our other merchandise available through Redbubble please email us your birth data date, exact time, and location of your birth at spirits rovingsouls. We will create the chart and send you a link to buy whatever you want from Redbubble….

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That is, in order to do Capricorn right we have to balance it with Cancer. Log in Sign up. Mantra: "In my search for clarity, truth and light, A very good place to start, Is to own my projections and self delusions, And stop pretending to be something I'm not. Mantra: "When making important decisions, I need to still my mind, By breathing long, and slow, and deep, And surrendering to the Divine. Mantra: "If I'm to make my dreams come true, I need to improve my aim, By focusing and knowing my priorities, Before I enter the game. Mantra: "I love that life is a mystery, The more I begin to see, Her slowly revealing her secrets, And showing myself to me.

Mantra: "In my search for health and wellness, I have found the source of illness, As separation from the Oneness, That sows seeds of fear and darkness. Mantra: "I see that this plan, this purpose of mine, Is going to take some time. And part of the process, Is a need to discuss it, So boundaries are clearly defined.