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Get the latest from Mystic Meg and her daily Horoscope predictions. Find out FIND out your horoscopes for Wednesday October 9 from Mystic Meg. Fabulous . September A love match could prove stronger than either of you expected .

You can make a lot of demands of yourself because of this, and take on more responsibilities.

You can focus more on new goals at the start of the year with the January 5th solar eclipse in this sector, and you can have more enthusiasm. The year ends with a solar eclipse in this sector December 26th, so the year bookends with good energy for your goals and ambitions. Jupiter also moves into this sector December 2nd, and you can go into with incredible energy for progress and success if you do things the right way, for the right reasons.

Uranus moves into your money sector March 6th to stay for almost a decade, and you can make money in new, different ways, or through using Uranus in tech, online, involving groups, being inventive. Mars is in this sector mid-February through March, and you can take full advantage of financial opportunities to create stability and security.

Mars tours your work sector in mid-August through September, and you can get focused, productive, strive to get more done, and can be more practical with what you need to do and how to do it. Aries Home and Family Horoscope. Mars tours your home and family sector mid-May through June, and you can have lots of energy for focusing on projects at home, spending time with family, and making improvements in your connections.

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You can be more nurturing, supportive, and work on making your home life as comfortable as possible. A solar eclipse occurs in this sector July 2nd, and you can have more energy, enthusiasm, and positive feelings with matters at home or with family. It can be great for strengthening the foundation of your life at home and personally. But Mercury will also retrograde in this sector in the second half of July, and you may need to work on issues with your family or at home.

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It can be a good time for reconnecting with family or going back somewhere you lived before. Mars will be in your children sector July through mid-August, so if you have kids, you may give them more of your time, and they may demand more of your attention. You can be supportive of them, and help them out with anything, especially with the Mercury retrograde in this sector the first half of July.

They may be a little more rebellious, so try to be patient with them.

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Aries Mental State Horoscope. Jupiter is in one of your sectors of the mind for most of , and this can help you to focus on the bright side of situations, no matter how difficult they may be and how much responsibility you have to shoulder. You can work on opening up your mind, and it can be a great time for some higher learning, especially if there is a purpose for it. You can absorb knowledge in many ways, and may feel like a student of life.


Mars tours the other sector ruling your mind April through mid-May, and this may be when your mind is most open and receptive. Take in new information, and share what you come up with. Neptune remains in the sector governing your subconscious mind all year, gently urging you to get more in tune with your subconscious self, and Mercury will retrograde in this sector in March, bringing your attention to it. You may become aware of some subconscious issues, motivations, or desires that you need to address, and there can be a bit of an awakening if you allow it.

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Get in tune and gain a stronger connection to that subconscious of yours. If you have specific projects, find the necessary investors to put them in practice. In the second part of the year, you can expect big expenses. Our advice is to listen to your intuition. The beginning of the year brings some health issues caused, on one hand, by the stress you are exposed to and, on the other hand, by poor diet. This year, health should be the main concern for the Capricorn natives. You are encountering problems because of a sickness that has been affecting you for a long time.

In world astrology, Jupiter — Saturn is the main planetary cycle used for studying the historical periods.

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The conjunction between these two happens once at every 20 years and it has a strong founding character, describing the beginning of a new political, economic, and cultural era. This conjunction takes place in Aquarius.

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  • On December 14th , there is a total Sun Eclipse. The eclipse is going to be visible in the Pacific Ocean and in the southern part of North America. The Capricorn natives may resume their studies and orientate towards other domains of interest. Also, they may receive news from abroad which could radically change a situation.

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    In turn, the New Moon occurrence will represent a positive and beneficial aspect for all the zodiac signs, symbolizing a new beginning, taking initiative, starting a new project or opening a new stage in a specific sphere of life. Mercury retrograde will bring communication issues in your present life. Additionally, even if you carefully analyze what you need to do, there are big chances you will change your mind before you get to communicate your idea to someone or you simply cannot put in practice that idea.

    It will bring important and sudden changes all throughout , a possible period of withdrawal, loneliness, losing someone dear and other hardships, which have as a final goal an important spiritual evolution, after overcoming all the problems. Diligence, discipline, and responsibility — are three qualities all zodiac signs will gain thanks to Jupiter.

    The Taurus natives are going to be realistic and avoid assuming too big risks, and they will achieve success only through hard work. The Pisces natives wish to have a partner which can help them accomplish a lot of things.