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Get the latest from Mystic Meg and her daily Horoscope predictions. Find out FIND out your horoscopes for Wednesday October 9 from Mystic Meg. Fabulous . September A love match could prove stronger than either of you expected .

Earthy Capricorn will give you a spouse that could be older than you as an actual age-gape or only emotionally older or perhaps you will meet your ideal spouse after your First Saturn Return after 29 years old.

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Your spouse will also be very practical. I've always loved older men, and I felt who I marry would be older than me at least by 5 years lol but I love my boo now and he's older but only by a year.

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  • Mar 23, Juno in Libra. Y'all Scorpio hoes are lucky smh. Apr 18, Tall, handsome and athletic. My Juno is in Libra.. Having Juno in Libra, in the sign of Venus, your partner will be very loving, sociable and well-mannered. Probably your partner will also be very attractive.

    Umm how do I find Juno nvm. Figured it out lol. My Juno is in Pisces.. How cute.. I can see that according to this description..

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    I don't play hard to get.. I just am. Apr 19, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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    View First Unread. Re: how do you find out what house your juno is in?? You have to do a natal chart on astro. Juno will then show up in your chart so all you have to do is find out what symbol represents Juno and locate it on your chart. You have to look on your chart and find out what symbol Juno is and locate that yourself. It's not hard. It's simple matching. Originally Posted by Dannygansky. It depends on how it's aspected by other planets. Lots of people do not marry their Juno sign. If she weighs the same as a duck Re: does a ruler of a house have to do with your sign in it.

    Without a natal chart to look we are really guessing here. One asteroid isn't going to make or break your entire natal chart. There are many factors involved when interpreting a natal chart and it starts with the correct time of birth.

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    Your 7th house ruler, DSC, planets inside the 7th house, all their depositors, and how all the before mentioned are aspected will give you a much better picture of your relationships. Lion o ness.

    Asteroid Juno in Astrology

    I agree Juno, doesn't show the sign, you will marry.. I have Juno in libra, I've never dated a libra, I don't really like libra men, I'm not really attracted to them In my natal, I have Juno conjunct Uranus, my husband was a different nationality. Juno shows the "personality" of what your spouse will be like, not really the sign of the person.

    My Juno is in Libra conjunct Pluto.

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    Just by that alone, you would think that I would get with either the most artistic and beautiful looking Scorpio or the most intensive, obsessive Libran. Either way, it was true. He was Leo Sun with Scorpio Moon, was very much into the arts- he could draw, paint, sketch all very well but scientific, too. He was an architect. Originally Posted by may28gemini. Originally Posted by Vista. That's Intresting. I'm so attracted to deeply intense people and I Always become like obcessed with people with a scorpio moon. My Juno is Pisces but so what these people are saying is that since my Juno is in my8th house that means the ruler scorpio has some effect on my love life?

    Sun enters Scorpio

    Also if you would like to see my chart I posted it on this site on one of my questions! If you want viewers to comment in this thread about your chart, you'd better post it. Judging by what you said- Pisces Juno in the 8th, your spouse could be Piscesan by nature: artistic, dreamy, musical, and creative with an intensive quality and might work in the medical field, occult, investments handling other people's money , etc. Danny, there's no way to tell if you'll marry your boyfriend or not. You're still a minor and as a general rule, I don't read charts of people who aren't at least going through their 1st Saturn's return.

    You have a lot of time and maybe you'll marry him but there's no way Juno in a person's chart can tell if that will happen or not. Gemini females like being ball-busters and might actually be a grounding force for Aries males but Aries, by nature, is not really interested in being grounded. They like being 1 on all accounts and act upon that, which is not very suited for Gemini in general as we're more socially malleable and cooperative, but on the personal level, we're a bit distant.

    Unless there's a lot of water and earth in the chart, Gemini females have a reputation for keeping their independence no matter what.