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Get the latest from Mystic Meg and her daily Horoscope predictions. Find out FIND out your horoscopes for Wednesday October 9 from Mystic Meg. Fabulous . September A love match could prove stronger than either of you expected .

Libra and Sagittarius make great friends as well as lovers.

Problems rarely occur. These two have the gift of forgiving and forgetting quickly. Sagittarius is constantly on a quest for knowledge of the big things — the truth, the meaning of life and death — and whenever Libra comes up with a new idea as they are wont to do Sagittarius is eager to go along with their partner and become familiar with this new concept. This partnership is full of kinetic energy.

Daily Horoscope: December 3rd to December 5th

As air spreads fire and makes it grow exponentially, this relationship is heated and ardorous. These two are energetic in the extreme and can run together far and wide. The relationship runs most smoothly when Sagittarius can feel they have plenty of freedom and independence within the relationship.

Libra Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius is flexible and adaptable, amenable to any changes Libra wants to make in plans. When you open your hand to let go you also have it ready to receive. Cancer, express your heart. You have thoughts and dreams that you need to fulfill. You can convert those things into acts of love. Leo, feeling you are prepared is something that may not come when you think it will.

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With love preparation isn't necessary. What's important when love comes your way is that you treasure the experience for what it is in your life. Virgo, act in the power of love. Love knows no bounds. There is no place for past hurts or wounds when in the center of love and respect. Libra, elevate your vibration to love.

December 2018 Horoscope: Predictions for Libra

Love is a vibration that transcends time. Scorpio, love is more than self-love.

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Self love is a beautiful thing but it is only the first step of the process of love. The act of giving selflessly is loving but more than this is the act of oneness with the universe itself. Sagittarius, let love guide you.

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The path can wind and find a new way to flow but it's all about the love you feel in your heart and the satisfaction love can bring. October - Happy birthday to Libra! October sees you on the move, going places—literally and figuratively. One close relationship or the lack of one is drawing your attention this month. Be honest about your motivations.

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Deepen your relationship with yourself and you can deepen your connections with others. Relationships come to light as the Aries full moon aligns in your relationship sector on October 13, reflecting an important truth and presenting you with pivotal, potentially life-changing choices. This is the end of a cycle, allowing you to break free of destructive patterns and deepen connections with equals. Challenging days: 1, 12, 27 Standout days: 20, 21, Not everything is as it seems today!