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If your sun is conjunct another person's Mercury the communication planet , it means that you will have an easy time understanding their thought process, even if their actions don't make any sense to you. An opposition is usually regarded as dynamically disharmonious. When you meet someone you love deeply and know deeply, they can often grate on you. If there's opposition between two people, the tension can lead to positive results if both parties are willing to communicate.

In a natal chart, having an opposition between two planets depends on what you make of it, but ultimately if internal conflicts are overcome, it works to benefit the individual in a massive way. A square is known as a hard aspect. It results when two planets are in signs that are 90 degrees apart and share the same quality cardinal, mutable, or fixed but nothing else.

Squares lead us to the breaking point, as the problems they bring up just continue to come up until we are forced to address them. These problems come from two completely different energies attempting to move in two totally different directions with the same amount of force. Let's say someone's Mars is square Venus in their birth chart; this person's sexual desires i.

A trine forms when two planets exist four signs apart.

Square Aspects in the Complete Horoscope

When two planets are trine, they are in the same element, which means they're operating with the same agenda. If your Venus is trine another person's Mars, for instance, your sex life will be off-the-charts good, and your home life will be harmonious as well — and in an effortless, almost lucky way.

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The sextile occurs when two planets are two signs apart, and the energy this aspect brings to these two planets is one of ease and cooperation. It's not exactly the strongest of aspects, but it's a friendly one. I like to think of this aspect as if the planets involved are exchanging fun and friendly small talk at a party. Two planets that might be completely different energetically are able to cooperate more easily when they're engaged in a sextile.

Venus at 23 degrees Libra trine Saturn at 23 degrees Aquarius. Meaning of the trine: Planets are in a highly harmonious aspect the trine is more harmonious than the sextile, which is weaker.


Events will proceed very smoothly; as with the sextile, this can be positive or negative, depending on the context of the situation. Opposition degrees. Planets are six signs apart. Sun is at 29 Leo opposite Saturn at 29 Aquarius. Meaning of the opposition: Planets are in highly disharmonious aspect, and any accomplishment will not be permanent, or at least will be attended by regret. You can view all the issues archived on this page.

When Planets Are Across the Zodiac Wheel

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How aspects work in Vedic Astrology

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